Introduction To Film

Introduction To Film
Maya Deren

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Experimental Film

PH299/ Topics in Photo and Video: Experimental Film

3 credits/ Instructor: Ethan Berry
This course is an introduction to Super- 8 and 16mm filmmaking through hands-on experience. The course covers the skills required to produce non-sync films (films that do not have sound recorded at the same time) from concept through completion. The course covers: basic screenwriting and basic photographic skills, working with Super- 8 and 16mm film cameras, choosing film stocks, gaining a knowledge of continuity, coverage and composition, lighting, working with a film laboratory, analyzing dailies, logging, digital conversion sound editing and non-linear editing. Students will develop, write, shoot and edit a short non-sync film outside of class time using Super- 8 and 16mm cameras, audio recorders, basic film editing equipment and digital editing software.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Photographic Media or permission of instructor
Fulfills: 200-level studio elective; time-based media elective; photography elective

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