Introduction To Film

Introduction To Film
Maya Deren

Monday, March 18, 2013

Revised Course Outline

For friday's class I would like to catch up on past assignments. 

I want to see these assignments;
Your "POEM" film.
Your found footage project (2 minutes).
Your Handmade film in 16mm (1 minute).

You should be ready to present the work to the class at the beginning of class.

I am lookin to see you demonstrate these skills,
Camera- Shooting and developing black and white film.
Editing- Structuring your poem film for meaning and comprehension, editing of your found footage film for altering or construction of meaning.
Invention, Originality- How you employ the means and materials of the film medium to discover or carry out your ideas. I am looking at your overall approach to the medium and how it might relate to your process in other forms of expression. Be prepared to discuss this.

Things YET TO DO;

Your research paper. A comparison of two films, one of which we have seen and one of your choosing. To discuss 3/23

A collaborative shoot involving the whole class as crew and talent. We can discuss this in class on Friday 3/23

Your final project. From proposal to finish. This is a 3 minute film which will be discussed through a proposal process.

Final Portfolio. A digital version of your projects for the class

Friday, March 8, 2013


I really don't like snow or the notion of being immobilized by anything. In this situation I try to get done those things that would go undone on a full and sunny day. Like thinking of Spring and the propagation of things.

Take a look at this film by Saul Levine called "A Note to Patti" It's about communicating with someone over time and space.

I also found this link to a blog that has more information about Bruce Connor, who's A MOVIE I showed earlier.

For all of you his work is relevant since he worked with pretty simple means and understood how meaning could be constructed through editing. I also mention this for Elizabeth's project since it lines up wth Connors's BREAKAWAY film from 1966.