Introduction To Film

Introduction To Film
Maya Deren

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are now just past the middle of the semester. The thematic film assignments this semester are:
Object- one minute
Person -one minute
Place - one minute
Final Project 2-5 min
These are the thematic film project assignments. I expect you to be experimenting and expanding on these themes in your films. It is possible that you might want to emphasize one theme over others. This is fine as long as you engage the medium and the forms of film in an imaginative and creative way.
You should have at least one film in final form by Thursday in order to be somewhat on track for the end of the semester.

You might consider setting up a grid to keep track of your assignments that has the following stages listed across the top.
               planning/    shooting/in the can/     raw footage/     assembly/     edit/     final/

By listing each project in a column on the left you can track the status of each of your projects as the semester goes on. This will allow you to move between overlapping projects or plan production or editing around the status of each project.

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